DIY Solar Garden Lights

Powerfull, not like the cheap commercial solar garden lights!

It is very easy to convert a commercial garden light to solar! To keep the power consumption (and the cost of the solar power components) down, we replace the light bulb with a simple 18 led spot:

led spot

diy solar power

garden light

diy solar garden lights

After that, we just have to connect all the wires from the solar garden lights, the battery and the solar panel, to the solar charge controller:

solar charge controller

It is very usefull to use a solar charge controller with "night ligth" function, to start the solar garden lights automatically at dusk and stop the lights at down. Else we would have to use a manual switch.

complet solar garden lghts kit

The cost for 4 lights with a 10Wp solar panel, a 12AH battery (12V) and the solar charge controller is about 180 EUR. If we want 8 lights, we need a 20Wp panel and a 24AH battery. We don't need another charge controller. The controller is capable to support up to 50Wp in solar panels.

the diy solar garden lights in action

The photo above shows the diy solar garden lights in action!

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